Vienamese software review


Mihaela Teodorovici (Softpedia) 


Facilitates the communication between applications that use different protocols, namely serial ports and TCP, be it a server or a client

Communication protocols define the set of rules for processing and transferring data. When two devices use different protocols, an incompatibility issue occurs. In other words, the two devices cannot "understand" each other and the data might not reach its destination. That is where a third protocol conversion tool comes in.


Supports RS-232 serial ports and TCP

The Protocol Converter software aims to facilitate interoperability between two applications that use different communication protocols, but need to exchange data. Its advantage is that it does not require any hardware to work, which turns it into a viable alternative to protocols converters on the market.
It provides support for RS-232 serial ports and TCP (server or client), allowing one-way conversion from a master application to a slave one.


Configure connection settings and add data filters

To initiate a conversion, you must configure a new controller for Protocol Converter. The settings of each controller are displayed in a separate tab, which means you can generate two-way conversions.
For TCP, you can configure the server port and the client's hostname and its port number. Serial ports can be managed as well, as you can select the port and change the baud rate, the number of data bits, the flow control, and other similar settings. The host can be configured to wait for a reply or delay data reading, with a custom timeout interval.
Data filtering is possible, and you can define rules for the input and the output message.


Teardown the communication barrier between applications

The goal of Protocol Converter is to streamline data exchange between applications without having you change the protocol interface or the command sets of any of them. With its help, you can connect RS-232 applications and share serial port devices with other apps via a TCP server.